Friday, April 13, 2012

Almost mid-month April WIPocalypse report

March had been a pretty hectic month and a particularly unlucky one for our family, so I am glad it is over. Here's hoping it will never surface again. Not only were most of us really sick last month, my baby was also bit by a dog very badly. I will never ever get her screams of pain out of my head for as long as I live. Never. Ever. It's been almost a month since it happened, but I wasn't ready to talk about it until I could see it healing. She was bit on her thigh and most of the minor bruises are almost gone, but two big holes where the dog's fangs have pierced the skin are still healing and will take at least another month before they are closed. For now, we change bandages several times a day to make sure the wound gets some air too. My girl still refuses to look at it. It seems the horror of being injured is multiplied by the disturbing sight.
And now for the regularly scheduled stitchy news. 
For Mirabilia March I worked on Circle of Friends for most of the month, hardly putting the odd stitch into anything else. I did some embroidery and a beautiful felt flower for my other project though, for details click HERE. I apologize for the way my pictures look, I did rotate them to portrait position before, but Blogger seems to ignore that, so I beg you for your forgiveness, patience, and tilting your head to the left.
I did progress nicely on CoF and I am very satisfied with myself, despite the frogging fiasco mentioned in my previous post. I am a bit worried if the lightest shade of skin is too light or not, I don't really like the way it looks, but I checked the numbers about half a dozen times, they have to be right.

Circle of Friends by Nora Corbett
 I finally found Feasting Frenzy and took a deep breath to do the backstitching. I ran out of breath quicker than I like to admit, but this is my next goal, I wanna finish this piece and have it framed.
Feasting Frenzy by Dimensions
 I made nice progress on VE in the first ten days of April. Previously I worked on her dress so this time I have decided to stitch on her hat only. Then consulting with the chart I realised I have a whole lot to do on her beautiful lace dress so I will continue there. Still, I am happy with the way she looks and cannot get enough of marvelling at this design. It is very much an eternal love of mine, this is probably the kit I most wanted to finish since I first fell in love with cross stitch.
Victorian Elegance by Dimensions Gold
 LotT has not been stitched on for... months, probably, I just wanna include her because I wanna finish her very badly, but it seems like something is stopping me from letting her go. But now only a few crosses are missing, and she really is stunning, and I really, REALLY need a finish now as it is April and I am yet to happy dance in 2012. So I post this photo for motivation.
Lady of the Thread by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum
 Lastly, my ballerina. I haven't worked on her for months, as you can probably tell by the folding wrinkles. I wanted to post this picture before I start frogging her hair. As you may remember, the original design has a girl with dark brown hair, but my little ballerina has light blonde locks. So I tried to convert the colours but it still looks way too dark for me. I will have to remove all the hair and start again with colours that are at least three to five shades lighter. My girl has to skip all her ballet lessons anyway because of the bite. Maybe this pretty design will make her forget about her pains.
Pink ballerina by Lanarte


Cathy said...

Love your wips. I have finished Lady of the Thread. I really like the colors. It is still in the to be framed pile.

Veronica said...

I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to your DD. Hope the wound completely heals soon.

Your WiPs are so gorgeous. Glad to see you've gotten Circle of Friends fixed. Don't you just hate frogs?


Maureen said...

I do hope your dd's leg gets better soon. What an awful experience for you both.

Your wips are looking great.