This blog is written by a private individual with no agenda whatsoever. I don't want to sell or advertise or prove or provoke or convince or /insert random verb here/ anything. These posts serve no other purpose than satisfying my need to write and stay in connection with loved ones, may they be family or friends, that live far away from me.
The opinions I express are my own and I choose to express them whenever I feel like it. The photos I upload are either mine or were up for grabs on the Internet. No violation of copyright or personal rights intended. If you find anything on my blog that would upset the owner, please let me know and I shall remove it as soon as I see your letter.
My family and other photos and drawings are my own. Use them without my knowledge and/or consent and you will feel my wrath. You have been warned.
Please comment whenever you can spare a minute. I've been suffering of low self-esteem for most of my life, and I need all the positive feedback I can get. And it is quite embarrassing to admit too, but I pride myself on being honest.