Sunday, January 22, 2012

My turn

Now that my girl is doing better and will return to school on Monday, it is my turn to cough my lungs up and I am fulfilling my duty in flying colours. I've been coughing non stop for three days and no sign of getting better. None of my medicine seems to work and every time I take a breath I feel something vibrating inside my chest. Feels awful.
On the other hand I managed to scan a few pictures I wanted, watched a DVD I had for ages but never played, caught up with my e-mail and fixed the bluetooth gadget, so I can once again transfer images from my cell to my computer. Which is great as memory was full already.
I've done a nice amount of stitching on my CJC projects, but I realised I will have to put them aside for a bit. Almost a year is gone since I started working on my secret project, and although I have made nice progress, at this rate I will not finish in time. Problem is, I can only work on it when my baby is not at home, as no one in my family can keep a secret, and she's the worst. :) I wish I could show you pictures.
I am so fed up with this winter. I wish I wasn't cold all the time.

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Siobhán said...

Great photo! I hope you're feeling better soon--both you & your daughter!