Thursday, February 2, 2012


Healthwise we are all fine right now. Tami is back in school and I am back on the job hunt. I am optimistic despite the incredible cold that is here and the huge amount of snow that is reportedly going to come this weekend. We have our flu shots and are taking vitamins every day. Let's hope the sick days are behind us for this winter.
Homewise I am getting better at doing chores. I also installed a makeshift hammock. I tied the old baby carrier sling to the edge of our gallery. My girl can use it to just chill or swing about. She absolutely loves it and spends most of her afternoons in it.
Can be a swing
Can be a hammock

She can watch the telly like this...
...or this

Stitchwise I have worked on my CJC projects in rotation and did a bit on the secret project as well. I did, however, spent most time with Little Wings and with every stitch it looks more and more stunning. Here, take a look yourself:


Mary Ivancicts said...

very clever idea!!

Wolfie said...

That is soooo clever...and it makes me wish I had one too...looks very cumfy:)