Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CRC and a day full of ****

Soooo, I'm at home with my sick baby, who has a sore throat and an awful cough. Some entertainment would be required. So when my net becomes incredibly slow, I do the usual routines, nothing. So we watch telly until the cartoon is interrupted and we get an error message I am not subscribed to that channel. Now mommy's angry. Calling the company we get our net and telly from, they keep me on the line for 8 minutes, when my cell suddenly hangs up. Out of credits. Great. Dialling company on my other cell, this time I get to speak with someone after mere four minutes. This time the phone company is gracious enough to let me know that I have 15 seconds before they terminate my connection. Well, fml, both cells run out of money on the same day. I had to run outside and buy cell time on an ATM machine. Usually I do this on my online bank, but thanks to a bunch of imbeciles, I cannot do that. Before my line was cut, the net/tv provider company's support lady told me that my net and tv was taken from me limited due to my not paying the bill. Which I HAVE paid last week. Unfortunately, by the time I could have told them that, my phone went dead. So I run outside, purchase phone time, call my provider, wait for another ten bleeding minutes before I can explain the situation, then am put on hold before the line is inexplicably cut again. I think this is the first time my 7 year old has heard me scream in anger.
Anyway, after several unsuccessful attempts to get in contact with the provider, I called my mom and asked her to call the company because my cell is acting up. My flat seems to be shadowed so often I get no signal at all. Mom kindly enough called them and told them what to do with their rotten customer service and billing department. Anyway, turns out my money did arrive last week, and service is restored, but I am still foaming at the mouth in anger.
Oh yeah, and I also started to work on both Jeremiah Junction pieces but am too mad to scan them.

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