Friday, January 13, 2012

The crazy getting out of hand

Not only have I kitted and started my designated 15 projects, but while looking for ideas in my now huge collection of cross stitch magazines, I decided to work on even more that I have been in love with but due to low self-esteem and constant nagging by my mom ("are you done with the ones you started last year yet") I kept postponing the first stitches. Not any more! I found a Marjolein Bastin birdhouse chart in issue 93 of The World of Cross Stitching and a lovely garden sampler in issue 70 of Crazy for Cross Stitch. I'm only doing part of the sampler though, another birdhouse design that I'm going to use as a bookmark.Yeah, I know I'm nuts. But damn, I'm enjoying it!

1 comment:

Kate said...

Watch out, you've got startitis! I'll be glad when my 15 starts are over and I can work on just one for a while.