Monday, January 9, 2012

CRC report

This is my first report of the crazy January challenge, and I can see now why it is called crazy. Good thing I have joined, there is nothing else in the world to brighten the day of a chronically depressed person as constant pressure. /sarcasm
Let me continue with my report. Gee, I just started and I already feel like I am a lazy student showing up to an exam after just half an hour of studying. I still have no image of Butterfly Clover, I seem to have misplaced it. To my excuse, I did reorganize ALL of my DMC floss bobbins in the boxes, so instead of the random anarchy they used to exist in they are now in numerical order. Oh yeah, and I gave this challenge its own page here. 
And now, for the pictures.

This speck is gonna be the green mountain on the upper left side of Pai Xiao.

This is the edge of the garden cards. I am posting only one but in fact all of them look like this because the edges are identical.

Bottom right corner of the Secret Garden bridge.

The first stitches on Circle of Friends, in the very middle.

Bottom edge of the middle vase in Afternoon Harvest

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