Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Still looking

After what seems like ages, my CV has triggered an interest in a company and I had my first job interview in MONTHS. Honestly. I know we had that economic meltdown and stuff, but honestly. Not even a phone call for months?
My friends and family were pretty nervous and really acted like they want me to get this job more than I do. I, on the other hand, was totally calm. Stoic, even. I went there without any expectations at all. And to tell you the truth, I had a great time. I know you are not supposed to have fun on a job interview, but I had. Five people were sitting opposite me, asking questions about my background and various experiences, and obviously expected me to be nervous. That alone would have helped me to just lean back and smile. And the fact that I was called in at all put me into such a good mood that I actually had fun.
Irrelevant cat photo to lighten the mood
By the way, one of the questions was if I can cope with monotony. I just smiled at them and said "my hobby is cross stitching, does that answer your question?" They laughed and nodded. Strange, because for me cross stitch has nothing to do with monotony, I truly enjoy every little cross, even if it looks exactly like the ones next to it. In fact, the more my crosses look alike, the more proud I am to see it.
Back to the job interview, I've been promised a phone call this afternoon. It's 22:40 now, so I guess the call isn't gonna come today. Cross stitch or not, I probably didn't get this job. Oh, well. The search goes on tomorrow.


Chiloe said...

So did you get it?

Jade said...

No one called yet, so I guess not.

Karan said...

Getting an interview is an achievement in itself, in the current climate. Hope that something good comes from this. :0)