Thursday, November 4, 2010

My gal

This is a drawing by my dearest six year old. In case you were wondering, it is a patched cat where the patches for some reason are are flower shaped. She has a little striped baby cat, because no living creature in this world should exist without an adoring and irresistibly cute offspring. So mommy cat and daughter cat are walking on the field of flowers and lollipop trees. She's been watching a lot of Strawberry Shortcake cartoons recently, hence the candy flora.
She also wrote DVD on the picture just to show me that she can. It is not part of the picture, she just didn't find another piece of paper to write on. Yes, she is due to start school next September, but already knows all the capital letters and most lower case ones. And she wrote her very first letter to Santa in crayon. I don't have it on me now but I will definitely scan that too. I'm planning to design a piece where I use her various drawings and then I will stitch it for her. Not sure of the end project yet, maybe a few pillows. She is very fond of drawing and so I have plenty of material!
She also likes to help me with my stitching. Please kindly ignore the 20+ years old T-shirt I'm wearing in the picture, as well as my obviously unwashed and unkempt hair. Focus on the undivided attention, concentration and dedication on my baby's face. Thank you so much.
Below is the photo of her progress. It's the brown dotted line in the top left part of the project. She has finally figured out that one is supposed to punch the needle into the bigger holes on the fabric and that one must always advance to the next one in a neat row, she just doesn't do crosses yet. So she is doing a semi-finished Holbein stitch. Whatever. She's my daughter and whatever she does is perfection to me.


Chiloe said...

Your baby is a cutie and it's nice to see how concentrated she is ;-) Hope you 're doing fine . hugs ♥

Karan said...

Your DD has a wonderful imagination & draws well. She's very focused. :0)