Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ink Circles progress

This is definitely not my best scanning job ever! Unfortunately, the fabric is badly wrinkled and you can see the hoop marks, so it is all kinds of blurry. Plus slightly tilted. I'm still/again (pick one, both are kinda correct) reorganizing my home so there is a bunch of stuff piled up on the scanner's top. I can only lift the lid a little to cram the fabric inside, and, as usual, little effort leads to crappy results, as demonstrated here. But it's enough to show you my progress.
As you can see, I am almost done with page 1 and I am extremely satisfied with myself!


Karan said...

This is a stunning piece - love your colours. Great progress too. :0)

Bronny said...

Wonky scan or not, your progress is noticable. What a lovely colour that pops right out on the fabric. I'm almost tempted to get my pattern out and start it. I've a few other projects that need to be finished first though, so I'll watch your progress with great interest.
Well done!

Brigitte said...

Those colours look great on the fabric.