Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Latest WIP

August always begins with the big annual Cross Stitch Exhibition at the same mall, and this year I was able to visit. I skipped it last year, but this time I was there and I loved it! Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera with me, but several others have documented the wonderful projects. Mánya is one of them, and she was kind enough to give me permission to link her blog entry for the pictures. Please CLICK HERE if you want to see all the awesomeness!
One of the reasons why I'm always afraid to visit is that the organizer usually arranges a big sale to coincide with the venue... and I have way too much stash (if that is even possible) and way too little money, so I didn't take any cash with me. Only when I got there, I realised I have my credit card. Big mistake! Of course I fell in love with a Lanarte kit. I don't even like Lanarte, but this one features a ballerina girl in pink, and I have a little ballerina who just loves pink, so obviously, I was lost. My mom phoned me while I was trying to figure out if I can afford the kit, here is our discussion:

Mom: Where are you?
Me: I'm at the cross stitch exhibition...
Mom: (interrupting) Do not buy anything! You know you can't afford it, wait till you have a job, have regular income, you are already working on a bunch of projects, plus some you haven't even start yet! You don't need another project.
Me: I know, I wasn't gonna buy anything, there is only one kit I liked...
Mom: Do not buy it, you can always get it later!
Me: I know, it's just that it has this cute ballerina girl on it...
Mom: Huh? A little girl?
Me: Yes, in a ballerina outfit.
Mom: Pink?
Me: yes, a pink tutu.
Mom: Dancing?
Me: No, she sits in front of the mirror, looking cute and all.
Mom: Okay, answer this: what is her hair color?
Me: Errm, uhh, aaa.... blonde?
Mom: Then you go back there right now and BUY IT, do you understand me? You buy that kit right now and start stitching on it right away! Put all the other projects aside, the bunny, the birds, they can be done later, but I want you to stitch that girl as soon as possible. Hear what I said? Go back there and buy it right now!
Me: Yes mom!

Errmmm... does anyone know where I can find some help in converting brunette hair colour to blonde? It would be kinda important. I need to stitch a blonde ballerina if I want to live.


chrisstitches said...

Love the ballerina. Beautiful project. Keep up the great work!
Chris B (CCS)

Debra said...

wow it looks like it was a good time at the show. Love the piece you bought. Too funny (phone)!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

How about this for hair color???

It is from L&L 2000 freebie angel


Hope this helps.

Mel said...

What a cute pattern!

You can probably do the hair up blonde on your own... pull all your browns for it, put them in order from light to dark.
Then grab some yellows that are nice shades and go together for the blonde. Match up a light brown to a light yellow/blonde and go up from there.
And it will turn out just fine.
(if you want a direct hand I can help pick colours just email me via my profile)

nutmegg said...

sorry can't help you!!!......good luck.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Sounds like you have gotten some great advise about changing the hair color. It is a gorgeous design, LOL at your conversation with you Mum.