Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Her ideas

My girl is getting bigger and bigger, and her thoughts are also getting more elaborate in time. Sometimes she scares me. Like the one time she said she wants to try if umbrellas really function as parachutes, and one can jump out of the window with them, as seen in several cartoons. I explained to her that that is impossible and if she tried that, she'd be severely injured and possibly even die. I hoped that would be enough of a threat, but no. Here is the conversation that followed:

Her: I don't mind dying! At least I would see my great-grandma again and play with Valiant! (Our dog that died last year.)
Me: (shocked) But don't you think about me? What would I do without you? I would cry all the time if I ever lost you!
Her: Oh, then you should simply die too.

I managed to talk her out of that idea before she convinces the family to commit mass suicide.

Another chat with my girl, the budding fashionista:
Her: Could you buy me a backpack with a zebra's head on it?
Me: (thinking she has those funny kiddie packs in mind) Sure, no problem.
Her: But not a fake one, a real zebra head actually sewn on a backpack.
Me: (facepalm) I don't think they make such backpacks, honey. Besides, remember the zebras in the zoo? Their head is way too big to be used as an accessory. (mommy trying to reason with a 6-year-old, lol)
Her: Then maybe not a grown zebra? But the head of a zebra foal? (practical solution)
Me: (shocked) Do you actually want someone to kill a baby zebra so you can have a pretty backpack? (trying to raise a future PETA activist here, lol)
Her: (thinking) Well, not kill it, but if a zebra baby would die anyway, can some people cut its head, wash the blood off (details!) of it and then sew it on a backpack for me?
Me: (giving up) I'll see if there is one available in the shops, honey.

Seriously, where does she get her ideas?

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Annie said...

Well, a good Mom would check out the Zebra organ donors to see if any benevolent zebra would have willed his head to be used on kiddie backpacks. ;-) Too funny!