Friday, September 17, 2010

New minies and more fun

I have managed to finish two more mini freebies recently and last weekend we visited the zoo again. It seams that my daughter associates the zoo with her dad coming to visit. I don't mind because we have a great old time every time. This time we even managed to catch some of the shows, like the seal feeding when the animals do all kinds of tricks for the fish and everyone's amusement, including their own.

Later that day my mom called me in panic because she heard on the radio that a six years old girl was attacked and severely bitten by a seal during the presentation. I googled the news. It was a boy, 11 years old and in Australia, but the rest of the news was true. He is okay now. I only shared this little incident to let you all know what my mother's general state of mind is. This "if something awful happens, it probably happened to my kids" attitude is what I had to deal with on a daily basis for the past 30+ years and I don't think she will change soon.

But never mind that, enjoy my stitching and my girl pretending to be a funny little squirrel.

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