Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blogging to calm my nerves

Mom and I are on the phone every hour. All the rivers in Hungary are flooding, crashing through dams, destroying homes all over the country. All these weeks of raining have washed so much soil away, many homes are in danger, even the walls of Budapest castle may fall down in several places because of it.
My parents and sister live near the Danube and the situation there is very serious. Mom keeps asking me if there are any updates on the web, I keep asking her if they are safe. I'm worried sick for them. I couldn't even sleep so I fixed the printer at night. Now I can scan too. Here is the lost and found Lanarte mini and my progress on Feasting Frenzy. Soon it will not fit in the scanner. I feel helpless, all I can do is rearrange my stash to keep myself from biting my nails.

I'm planning to start working on Cirque des Circles by Ink Circles sometime soon. I already have the floss and fabric. For me it was difficult to pick the colours because there are so many lovely threads! But I made up my mind.
The chart I got from Pat in New Mexico as a surprise gift! I simply left a few kind words on her blog when she finished this project and she decided to just sent the chart to me! To honour her generosity I decided to do the same when I am done. But that won't be tomorrow, lol!
By the way, if you wanna see more lovely Ink Circles designs in the making, you can always click on this blog where stitchers share their progress pictures.


Aussie Stitcher said...

I hope you and your family escape the floods. Take care ((((HUGS))))

Karan said...

So hope you all escaped the worst of the flooding - going to qucikly read on to make sure!
Lovely finish & I love the bird design. :0)