Friday, June 4, 2010


I'm back and I'm blogging again because I don't really have anyone else to talk to.
When DD and I wake up in the morning, the discussion usually starts with her going "mom, wake up already, the sun is shining". Yesterday her first words were "happy birthday mommy"! How adorable is she to remember my birthday first thing in the morning? Even I didn't remember that! And neither did most of my family, actually. :( How sad is it that I get more b-day wishes from strangers on my Facebook wall than from the ones who knew me all my life?

I have managed to do some stitching on Feasting Frenzy. I joined a SAL on one of my favourite groups, Stitching Sisters. This month we have a bird/insect themed SAL so I jumped on the opportunity to dust off FF and join arms with my online siblings. I hope to make some really nice progress and maybe even finish!
Today I even managed to fall in love again. No, it's not a guy, I've had quite enough of them for the time being, thank you. It's - what else? - stitching. Heaven And Earth Designs, to be exact. I tried to avoid their website for months, knowing that a, I cannot afford a new chart, b, I already have some of their designs in my stash that I didn't even start, c, I have a HAED WIP I haven't touched in a year, d, I signed on for the HAED bookmark SAL 6 months ago and haven't even started yet. I only printed the first parts of the chart.
But I visited the page today, and oh my heart, it's captured again! Mostly by Linda Ravenscroft's work, who as long time readers of this blog may already know, I'm a big fan of, but also a few more designs. Here, let me share some lovely pictures that have captured my attention.
I will upload these and the rest to my HAED wish list to my picasaweb album later today.
Okay, what else was I gonna chat about? Oh, yes, I have experienced an unusually large amount of hair falling out every day in the past months and I got fed up with it. I tried all kinds of home treatments but none of them really stopped my hair getting thinner. So I decided to take extreme measures and visited an expert. He started my treatment earlier this week. It is rather painful and there are no guarantees it will work, but I am hoping for the best. He is injecting minor doses of steroids into my scalp. I am terrified of injections so you can imagine how desperate I got if I signed up for this treatment. I have the next one scheduled in four weeks and we should see results by the end of summer. I really hope it was gonna be worth it.
I have also been hitting the gym in these few weeks. I just realized that I gained 5 pounds, which would not be a tragedy as I was too thin anyway, but all of it is on my butt and thighs, so I can no longer put on most of my pants. I have to admit it, it came pretty much as a shock to me as I didn't recognize the process of gaining weight, as much as I could tell, I have been eating exactly the same amount that I always have. Which is why I am not going on a diet or anything, I just work our 2-3 times a week in a local gym and also do some exercising at home as well. I know I wouldn't put on a bikini right now. I look like those funny kiddie books where you can mismatch the top and bottom half of the body. No fun at all.


Tempewytch said...

Many belated happy returns - and another stitcher from Crafters WD Yay!

Oh my names on the yahoo group is The Dragon *grin*

Carol said...

happy birthday too you :) Hope you had a wonderful day. Your PIF gift from me is ready to go in the mail. I will e-mail you to make sure I have the correct address.

Karan said...

Belated happy Birthday wishes.I love Linda's designs too. :0)
Hope the treatment works.