Monday, June 7, 2010

Flood update

The flood is supposed to peak in our town tonight, but most places affected are not going to be safe for a while. So once again I am asking all of those who pray, please include Hungary and its people in your prayers this week! Loads of people have lost everything they have worked for all their life. It's a tragedy and my heart goes out for all of them.

My hometown, Esztergom, is not yet doomed, a lot of it is under water, but those are the parts that get flooded almost every year, either with the spring flood or the early summer, when the snow on the mountain tops of Austria melts and the water flows into the Danube. So the people who build/live there, pretty much know what to expect and are prepared. 
For example, my old elementary school:
Is on an island in the Danube that is at least half flooded every year. And it is a modern building, the engineers were aware of the situation, so, as you can see on the close up, it was built on a bunch of huge, massive concrete columns. See?

Another part of the town that usually get flooded: this lovely stone bench on the riverbank and is loved and visited by locals and tourists alike:
Looks like this by now:

If you are interested, you can see a lot more photos of Esztergom fighting the flood HERE.
Pictures about the situation by locals are collected HERE and by professional photographers HERE.
Photos of Budapest, where the water is still rising are HERE.
The language of the sites is Hungarian, but the pictures really speak for themselves.
As far as my family's situation is concerned, these pictures were taken from a bridge that is just a block from where they live:

I really hope the water won't rise any higher, and that those age-old trees will not fall, as the soil is soaked and no one knows if their roots can hold them for long. Should one of them fall, the dam will definitely not hold.
I will visit them today so I won't be able to write an update in the next few days.
To lighten the mood, here is a photo of one of many flood watchers:


Anonymous said...

Hoping everyone is safe and that the water receeds very soon. Good luck and best wishes.

nima said...

oh...our thougths and prayers are with you and your country. Our place just had the same thing happening last weekend....

I think at times we human beings take nature for granted....

your place looks beautiful...

Emily said...

Some very scary pictures, there has been nothing on the news about this. Will pray that you and yours stay safe and that the flooding will subside.

Brenda Lou said...

I'll keep you and your country in my thoughts. Being from New Orleans, I'm well aware of what y'all are going through.

Karan said...

I can't believe that there's been nothing on the BBC news about this!