Thursday, September 10, 2009

The latest WIP

The latest project I started last week, it's a DMC kit from the Sarah Kay collection. It's called Cuddling Cat and the timing is very appropriate.

One day after I secretly started working on this, my daughter found and adopted a little kitten. It was born somewhere at a hidden corner of the factory where my dad works as a security guard. My mom and daughter visited him on his lunch break, and at that moment kitty and girl found each other and became best friends immediately.

Too bad the kitty is not an orange but a grey tabby, but I'm sure my baby will love this design anyway. But if anyone is aware of a cross stitch design of a blonde girl with a grey kitty, please let me know!

The first two scans of my progress on Cuddling Cat is below, I hope to work a great deal on it during the weekend and hopefully be done with most of the dress. I will let you know on Monday.


Carolyn NC said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the layout on yours - very pretty! The girl and kitty project are adorable and so sweet.

Glenna said...

Very cute project! I have never seen the DMC kits here in the U.S., but I've seen them in Europe. Thank you for stopping by--I'm adding your blog to my blog list! (Your English is so good!)

Deigh said...

This is so adorable!

Anne R said...

Hey thanks for following me! We'll see if you decide to stick around... :)

You could always change the colours of the cat and the girl's hair colour? I know Lavender & Lace has some hair colour conversions on their site if you're not comfortable eyeing the colours yourself...

Gina E. said...

Hi Jade, I decided to "investigate" my followers, and found I know them all except you, so I came over to visit! You poor girl, you have been going through hell and back. I have some other friends who suffer from depression; it is a terrible disorder and only those who experience it first hand can understand. I've been fortunate to never have it, but my hubby did for about a year. It was difficult, but I married him for better or worse, and once he came through the 'worse', the 'better' was even better!
Anyway, I've been admiring your stitching, especially the Egyptian one on black aida - my God!!! I have admired that so often, but never knew anyone who actually stitched it! I was sad to read your mother's opinion about your stitching; she (like so many) does not understand the therapeutic value of such a creative and relaxing pastime. You just keep up the good work!
Gina in Australia