Sunday, September 6, 2009

WIP list of the moment

Let me update you on what I am currently stitching.

I have started stitching this lazy tiger about two months ago. It was a request from my little girl when I gave her the picture of Solo the cat walking in the poppy field. (See its scan in my August 27th post.) She said "mommy, next time stitch me a tiger". I was happy to comply, although I already had a Dimensions Gold mini of horse and foal in my stash for her, but I love tigers and I love my daughter even more, so it was a great excuse for me to buy yet another kit! :D This is also a Dimensions Gold mini kit. I was a bit scared of all the colour blends, but it is quite easy and works phenomenally! She looks really fierce, doesn't she?
Next is a Michael Powell design I have been working occasionally for over a year. I have traded the chart only so I must get the floss, and since I am a DMC girl and the MP kits use Anchor, I had to convert the colours. Which wasn't very easy as there are many conversion tables available online but they don't agree on every colour. In some cases I still haven't decided wich substitute I am going to use and I am aware that because of the differences it's not going to look quite as it was intended, but heck, I have been playing it safe ever since I started cross stitching, isn't it about time I took a chance with a design?

This birdhouse is a Permin mini kit I started some time ago until I realised that I didn't read the instructions... it was supposed to be stitched in one thread but I used two out of habit. I felt so bad, I was in no mood to rip it, didn't wanna restart either, so I just put it aside. I think now I will take my chances and finish it in two threads just to see how it would look.

Finally, a Lanarte mini. I usually finish these in a couple days. I like to keep stitching them in between large projects to keep me happy dancing.

I have two more I wanna share but I will discuss those in the following posts.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Your WIP's are awesome!

Lynn said...

Thanks for stopping by!! Yes it is hard to get used to a new look.

I LOVE all the stitching you do! Gorgeous work! That tiger is going to be fabulous when finished!

Siobhan said...

Lovely projects! The tiger is so realistic--looks great.

Meari said...

The tiger looks awesome. I bet your little one is getting big!

Natalija said...

Hi! You have so many works ir progress :) And it's so sweet that you do the tiger for your little girl!

Carolyn NC said...

You have some great WIP's! The tiger is just beautiful! And I think your MP will be fine with what you're using!

Bizee Fingers said...

Jade, your work is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

JOLENE said...

Love your tiger, I have stitched a couple projects with wild cats for my son's bedroom. He LOVES cats of all kinds, and he have three male cats, too. He is beatiful!!