Saturday, September 26, 2009

Going digital

This is kind of off topic, but I had to share. I love digital TV! We had a digital unit installed about a month ago and I cannot have enough of it. Why, you ask? Well, first of all, I think there has been a shift of balance in entertainment media. Ten years ago movies were quality and television was junk. Nowadays it's just the other way around. Cinemas are full of TV-show remakes and crappy sequels, while television is filled with well written characters played by excellent actors.

So, television is much better than it used to be. And digital television is much better because it lets me flip between languages! I get to watch House, C.S.I. and a whole bunch of movies in their original language! Just what I needed to get my proficiency back. Not to mention how much I enjoy all the different accents! Yes, the image quality is better too, but as I tend to stitch while "watching" telly, it doesn't matter to me as much as the sound.

To complain a bit about television technology, before you think it's all rosy between me and my telly, I am absolutely annoyed with the 5.1 dolby sound. In the case of some movies (the latest ones) I can choose between my everyday Hungarian voiceover, Hungarian 5.1 Dolby Digital, or English 5.1 DD. Problem is, 5.1 was designed for the home cinema gadgets, that is, no less than five loudspeakers. But my telly has only two. Which means that for some movies I must turn up the volume. All the way. On the scale of 100. When I watch TV in Hungarian, that is, "plain" sound, the volume is set on 10-15, and yeah, it wouldn't be a problem, but if the 5.1 movie ends and I am not quick with the remote, the ad block will shout at me exactly ten times louder than what can be called normal.

On another note, I decided to learn another foreign language. I am not sure if I should choose French, Italian or Spanish. I like the sound of all of them and wanna learn them later at some time of my life, but right now I just wanna improve my chances for a good job. I'll need some research on what "sells" best.


Sandra :) said...

We got digital TV recently as well - now we get a great channel called TVLand which shows old tv shows from years past - I get such a kick out of watching Hart to Hart, Fantasy Island, Petticoat Junction and all the "oldies" - the acting was corny back then, but I still love to watch these old shows!

I'm enjoying looking at your cross-stitch pics - you pick such amazing projects - don't worry about the beading on your gorgeous mermaid - it really isn't that hard! And it gives the projects such a beautiful sparkle!

Zoe said...

What I love about my TV now is live streaming movies and TV shows from Netflix. It is great for us to find new shows we like without having to schedule them in. I hope to get digital TV sometime in the future!
I really love your Mirabilia project by the way.. beautiful!

Wendy said...

I just found your blog and you make wonderful things! I love to stitch also, but any kind of creative things.
I'll come back to visit your blog again :)

Greetings from Belgium,

Karan said...

I wouldn't want to be without digital now - love all the factual programmes, as well as CSI & House. :0)