Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Progress on Ice Angel

Last week I spent some time browsing through my charts and UFOs. I was totally amazed when I found Ice Angel and Deepest Love. They are so huge! OK, some of you experienced BAP stitchers may laugh about this, but in fact, these two are the biggest projects I ever started! Well, no that is not entirely true, because the teddy bear height chart is bigger in size, but it has several smaller motifs on it, and much less fabric is covered in stitches than any of the aforementioned charts. In short, they are the biggest projects regarding stitch count. And I found it quite surprising, because I do not remember thinking of them as really big pieces, BUT THEY ARE!

Anyway, I needed a break from my RRs. I am in three of those and I regretted joining one of those on the second month. You might remember that we are doing the Tiny Teacups and each month I must stitch the SAME blue teacup on another piece of fabric. I am so bored of it! I am also doing Jeremiah Junction's Birthday Flowers in another RR. It was quite embarrassing at first, because I mis-read the deadlines so I was late sending it on from the first moment. So I put everything aside to make haste on that RR, until the day I discovered that other members were even more late than I was. What hurt me most is they didn't even have the decency to feel ashamed about it.

So I decided to be a bit selfish and "dust off" Ice Angel. I was not working on it since last August, when, as some of you might remember, we were working with doubled effort on the translation that never got paid. Anyway, I did not stitch on anything bigger than an A4 page and mostly I have done some model stitching. The RRs were good because I knew the other stitchers count on my fingers. Otherwise I would have stopped stitching completely for a few months. But I am back on track. I spent the last three days finishing her hair (only the beads and metallics missing) and made some progress on the wings as well. I plan to finish stitching the wings before I continue with her dress. Here is a picture on my progress. The picture above has no progress, but it was the first scan I have made of Ice Angel as I got the scanner for Christmas. :)

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katica said...

Sorry that you were hurt, but I'm glad you went back and found other people there to start a RR with. I'm actually doing a SAL with a bunch of ladies who used to be/still are part of that group as well...

I know that the concept of a RR is much different in Hungary than it is in other parts, but it still seems strange that you would have to stitch the same teacup each and every month, when there are 12 different ones to choose from... But I'm glad you are stitching again, especially something for yourself. Remember even with larger projects, its just one stitch at a time!