Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Heavenly protection

I just heard a story in tonight's news and I had to share.

A woman in Budapest was walking with her 4 year old son and pushing her 8 months old child in the baby carriage, when a huge piece of stone carving fell off of the house they were walking by. The street was full of people who were shocked by what happened. The dog sized stone fell right to the handle of the carriage that made it tilt and the baby fell out, onto the stone. The mother's hand was seriously injured but the baby had only a scratch and the 4 year old was not injured at all.

Half a step to any direction and the stone would have killed immediately whoever it lands on. It was only the matter of inches.

There are angels watching our steps and no one will ever be able to convince me of the contrary.

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Janice said...

They are watching over us all the time. BTW, I Love Ice Angel!! That is beautiful!