Friday, August 11, 2006

Bit by the Starting Bug :)

I am still working mostly on the two big designs, Deepest Love and Ice Angel but I have recently had the unfightable urge to start some new projects. I also continue to do some model stitching for the Hungarian cross stitch mag. I have just finished a small bag I have been working on with a variegated floss, and it was my first time using one of those.

It is not a small project and it uses lots of half stitches, something I am new to, but I have had this kit for over a year and I couldn't help starting it. I have only done two colours in the middle and am making a slow progress to avoid frogging. It is called Garden Gate and it's a sunset kit. I can already see it will look excellent! Originally I wanted to keep this but now I am not so sure. :)

I bought this mini kit called Bird Bath by Permin last month as a special prize for myself. I found it right after finishing Christmas Night and I needed something small I could finish quickly. It even has a nice frame to it. I am half done with it.

This little bear from the Popcorn Alphabet Collection is a birthday gift for a friend of mine. I don't like teddies at all but she does and that is all that matters. I have changed the design a bit because the chart said to use a single strand for the cross stitches, but I didn't like how I could see the fabric underneath, so I am doing the bear and flowers with double strand and the letter and butterflies according to the original instructions. I am almost half done with this one too. I hope to post some progress pictures in my next entry!


katica said...

Looking forward to seeing your progress pictures! All three projects you just showed are great! I especially love the Permin and the bear, the Garden one will be spectacular when you are done!!

Meari said...

I have been fighting 'the urge' also! So far so good. How long can I hold out? I don't know...