Monday, July 24, 2006

Plans for the future

My Works In Progress
Lavender and Lace - Ice Angel
Mirabilia - Deepest Love
Sunset - Garden Gate
Popcorn Alphabet - Letter "D"
Permin - Bird Bath (miniature)
Model Stitching
Fleur de Lis in silver metallics
Blue headband with metallics
Native American pattern with Variegated floss
Round Robins
Cross My Heart - Tiny Teacups
Kitty and Me - Millenium Cats
Jeremiah Junction - Birthday Flowers
To do (real soon)
Lavender and Lace: Little Wings
Emma's Garden
Fairy Dreams
In the Arms of an Angel
The Quiltmaker
Sweet Dreams
Dance of the Roses
Mirabilia: Stargazer
Villa Mirabilia
Rose of Sharon
Alma Lynne: Angel Collector
Dragon Dreams: Dragon Alphabet
Marty Bell: Patricia's Porch
Dimensions: Wildflower Trio

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