Saturday, August 12, 2006

Most recent progress pictures

Here they are! First one is Popcorn, with a bit darker fur coating, but I like it this way and I am sure the birthday kid will too! :)
The Bird Bath will be ready this weekend. I am looking forward to doing the specialty stitches on the flowers!

Deepest Love is looking greater than ever. I will work on the veil now and then go on to her hair. I cannot wait to do the beading! Originally I wanted to give it away, but now I'm not so sure. :)

This is all I have done on Garden Gate so far. I have the opposite feeling as I have with Deepest Love, as I wanted to keep this one when I bought the kit but now I am thinking about who would like to have this on the wall. Maybe my MIL, but I guess I have enough time to think about it until it's done! :)


Jenn said...

Garden gate is so pretty. I cant' wait to see how it comes along.

Meari said...

Nice job on your WIPs, Jade.