Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My second anniversary

I guess everyone has her/his vision of a perfect day. Most of us imagine that some of the most special days - birthdays, christmas, anniversaries - will turn out to be just like that. But not me. I never had that kind of luck. Still enjoying my life though!

Yous see, the day began well, I got my morning coffe served in bed (as usual) and in a brand new mug with lots of hearts and black and white scotties on it - really cute! But then the phone rang and my dentist called me to say that someone just cancelled his appointment and, since I asked her to call me if this should happen, wanted to know if I can go there within an hour. I said yes because one tooth ached pretty badly for weeks. My dentist is an excellent one, she is the best doctor I've ever met! So when I called her in January, she could only give me a date in March! Therefore, I asked DH to stay at home with DD and visited the dentist... as I thought... there was too much of that tooth gone... its filling fell out months ago and a few pieces were chipped off after that... so she had to pull it out! She said that in all these years of practice she has never seen anything like that, because instead of two "roots" (don't know the English word for it) it had three! The third one was broke and she had to find it in the wound! She warned me that it will hurt pretty bad and prescribed me a pretty strong painkiller. She didn't let me pay her because she said she wants to know first that I'm all right and even asked me to call her today and say how I feel. No wonder I like to be her patient! Anyway, I decided not to let this pain spoil my day, although it did slow me down a bit.

I bought the medicine she prescribed on the way home. DH and DD were fine, except that she was still in her pyjamas - DH didn't even think of changing her clothes after changing her nappies! The way men's brains work (if at all, :P) is not easily comprehended by a woman. No problem, I got her dressed and played with her a while. She didn't want to sleep, but I told her that if she goes to take a midday nap like good little girls do, then, by the time she wakes up, grandma will be here to play with her! She thought about this for a few seconds and then obediently streched on to her pillow. I was kind of exhausted so I decided to take a nap myself. I woke up almost two hours later, when I felt somebody tapping my shoulder. It was DD, smiling, asking for my breast. She got it. :)

Mom arrived a few minutes later to babysit, and we went to our favourite restaurant for a romantic dinner. It is a small but very nice place with interesting dishes. It's where we had our engagement dinner and the one after our wedding and we go there every year, for our anniversary. The waitress can always remember us and that just adds another reason why we like to go there. It's just so personal! We had terrific food and a nice talk, and afterwards, took a long walk hand in hand. Then mum went home and we went to bed early, because I was quite exhausted. DH didn't even boot the PC, for my sake. I am really jealous of this machine! It takes my husband away from me and his daughter! He should spend his time with us instead!

Today the pain in my jaw is not that stong but still makes half my face ache a bit... but last night's walk did not help my flu so I have sore throat again... won't last long as I got really good medicine, it just makes me more exhausted... plus I still have some work to do... but I'm not complaining! Getting better every minute!

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Shelleen said...

sounds like you have a great dentist that cares. Sorry that you had to go through this on your special day but it is done and over with :-) and you still got to enjoy being with your DH and your DD.