Friday, February 10, 2006

My inner angel


You are the Angel of Sorrow.

Good Traits:
Though you mourn for what you don't have ever since
you lost the thing most dear to you, God has
blessed you with great beautious
characteristics. You do have friends, and a
great many of them. You just can't seem to
see that underneath all of the pain that your
keeping from those you really should be
sharing it with. The only person you will
confide in though, is yourself.

Bad Traits:
The doubts and fears amongst you are not
neccessarily bad. They are just not those of
highly reccomended. You believe that it was
your fate to lose the one great treasure in
your life that you held so dear, and now that
it is gone, you only speak with the
"voices" in your head. They are
what lead you to your pesemistic behaviour
and needing of...well...anything. You just
fear to much to look beyond what it right in
front of you, because there is so much more
that you have been blessed with than you see.

Your Best Friend is Most Likely:
The Angel of Fun

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