Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

When I first called him at the hostpital, my nephew told me he knows just how lucky he was, and that this experience has really made him think and that he was going to change a lot of things about his life from now on. Although I have been happy to hear that, little did I believe his resolution will escape the faith 98% of New Year's oaths fall victim to... but even this cynical me was not prepared for what happened!

He had his accident Saturday night, right? I talked to him on Sunday, he said he will be released from the hospital on Monday. Sunday night, he developed high fever. Therefore, the doctor told him to stay a little longer, so they could keep an eye on him. BUT NO! My idiotic, idealistic nephew thought, a promise is a promise and Monday afternoon he ESCAPED from the hospital! My sister was on the verge of a nervous breakdown because he wouldn't go back, even though his temperature went higher and higher! Luckily my father went over to them and Csongor always listens to him. No surprise, he was always the father figure for him ever since my sister divorced. Daddy convinced him to go back. Now he is back in hospital, still in fever. Sister calls him every other hour on the phone to make sure he's still in there!

He was always rash, because of his... what is it called, disorder? He is hiperactive, has dysgraphy (if that is how you spell this writing disorder, which, BTW, we share, so it runs in the family) and very short attention span, which resulted discipline problems, especially in school. He was always moving about, even in his sleep he would toss and turn and mumble... he required non-stop and undivided attention from members of the family... his lack of sense of danger and the fact, that hiperactivity by definition makes one unable to do really fine movements constantly got him from one accident to another. The very first time he tried to walk, he knocked an empty beer bottle off the table and stepped into the shards... I couldn't tell how many stitches he got on his body in the past 18 years but I doubt that he himself or his mother could tell! He is very intelligent, very handsome and very sensitive. Actually, his very everything, because he cannot do anything just a little bit. This makes us very proud of him but also very, very afraid.

I know from the past that he always wants promises to be kept or he gets hysteric and aggressive. We know he can't help it, it comes with his... character. I know he has no patience at all. I know he needs to move around freely, constantly. And yet, when I think of what he has done, even while I know he couldn't have done anything else, all I can think of saying to him is "stupid, stupid, stupid"!!

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Kimmie said...

Hope your nephew recovers quickly. Disorder or not, I think any 18 year old would attempt an escape from the hospital.