Friday, February 17, 2006

Stitches of my past life :)

A question in one of my mailing groups just brought back some long forgotten memories! The Stitching Sisters were discussing different kinds of needles and how to use them. This reminded me of one of my earlier experiences in embroidery. In one of the ladies' magazines I saw an ad with three stitched carnations. I loved the picture and made a sketch of the pattern. I had no idea how I was going to use it - if I was going to use it at all - but I knew I love it!

I must have been about 16 at the time, already at my full height (180 cm, almost 6 feet) and wide, round hips I hated pretty much. I wanted to be just as slim as I was before! Point is, I always wore blue jeans, but very few looked good on my awkward body - wide hips, waist as thin as that of a bumblebee... my husband was able to really put his hands around my waist so that his fingers form a full circle around me. (I hope it makes sense this way.) One of those was a brand called Leonardo, I haven't seen them in a decade, but I still have problems finding really good matching jeans!

Back to the story: I used this pair of jeans until the fabric became really thin and ripped on one knee and under both... well, the pockets on the behind of the trousers. :) That was no problem for me, I was young, it was the beginning of the 90's, these torn jeans were "in". It was a problem for my mother though, who thought, fashion here or there, none of her daughters will run around in ragged clothing! She threatened to throw it away while I'm away at school so I hid the trousers. I know she was looking in my closet and I knew I couldn't hide it forever. So I thought of an idea: maybe if I put some really intricate embroidery on it, and spend really much time working on it, she will not have the heart to throw it in the garbage can. I took a thin felt pen and re-designed the carnations to form a circle. Remember, I was working on thick blue jeans, so I had to use the biggest, thickest needle I could find in the household! My fingers ached terribly after the first few days, but I can be very enthusiastic when I have an idea I think is good, plus I can tolerate physical pain very well.

The piece of embroidery now covers the left thigh of the pants. I took it from the back of the closet - BTW, mom never wanted to throw it out again, but she did manage to hide it for several years and when I found out where it is, I had to literally steal it and give it to one of my friends to hide it in her home. It came back last year from its refuge camp and I am already planning how to continue! Now that I was reminded, I took a picture - you can see it here -, and tried it on, and yes, it still - or should I say again - fits perfectly! I am planning to do something with the hind parts, as I may be young at heart but old enough to think my butt should not be shown in public! ;)

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Old Yankee Stitcher said...

You have made a masterpiece out your ragged jeans.