Monday, January 30, 2006

The inevitable has happened

Well, we knew it would come and feared the day we must face it. Tamara fell off of the top of the staircase. This means an almost six feet long fall. The stairs slowed it down a bit. DH was standing guard at the stairs and he has taken just one step away from his post, to have another bite of his dinner, when it happened. I was reading my mail. I heard a strange noise. I looked at the staircase and time suddenly slowed down. I saw my daughter sitting on the stair, with legs outstreched and pointing up high. Her face had shown no fear, she looked rather suprised, not really understanding, what's going on. I knew immediately, that this weird position of hers is just the first one in her roll down to the floor. She slipped further down, rolled to her back, flipped around once and landed on the small floorspot between the lowest stair and the bookshelf in the corner. She landed on her head, her legs flung on to her face. By that time we both jumped there. She lay there for a second, as if registrating what she went through, and had decided that this was indeed, quite painful. DH picked her up and by the time she started screaming, he was already rocking her in his arms. He quickly handed her over to me, thinking, she will ask for my milk as her regular painkiller, but no. She wriggled out of my hold immediately. I took off her clothes to see if she's hurt or bleeding, but saw no sign of the fall anywhere! When I asked her if she's in pain, she nodded and padded her head. This was about 9 p.m. and she was avake until midnight. We wondered if we should rush into the hospital - it is just around the corner - to make sure she has no internal injuries, but she seemed to be fine. After she stopped crying, she watched her favourite folk tale cartoons on DVD, had some dinner, had her tea, had some of my milk, and cuddled her dolly like nothing has happened. She did say a few times that her head still hurts though. I had a terrible night, woke up several times to check if she's still breathing. Now it's midday and she climbs the forbidden staircase as if nothing has happened, as if she had already forgotten about that long fall. She is already practising taking two stairs with one step. And as an already enormous rock in my stomach, fear of losing her to some horrible accident is growing even bigger inside of me.

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