Thursday, January 26, 2006

Something is wrong with my legs. They were always working strange ways. No matter how tired I am, I can walk for miles and miles and miles. But I cannot stand for ten minutes. Whenever I get on a bus or tram, I must take a seat or I feel sick after only two stops.

It would not be such a big problem now, because I am spending my time at home, with my baby, and I should be able to sit all day, or run around with her, which I can do. But Tamara has a ew hobby, which is crawling up and down on the stairs for our sleeping gallery. Unfortunately, she does not move as securely as I wish, and she fell off several times. Luckily, I was always there to catch her, otherwise she would have been hurt, badly.

Maybe if I could stand for longer, I wouldn't hate it so much. But I cannot, so I do. I am sick and tired of eating, drinking, reading and even stitching while standing in the corner, at the base of the staircase, ready to throw away anything if I should see my daughter stuble forward or tip backwards again. I hate it, desperately hate it. My Valentine exchange deadline is here. I have not even started stitching my ornament for January. I did not even buy every floss I need for my Small Stitch exchange. I have not yet finished my sister's Christmas present, for crying out loud! And yet, for the second week running, I am standing guard at the stairs. And some men wonder why not all women want babies. If I would have known how dull and annoying motherhood could be, I would have thought twice about having a baby.

Would have said yes in both cases, though. :) Posted by Picasa

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cafiend said...

Hi there. I was just passing by.

Yes, standing is more fatiguing than walking, because walking pumps blood through the muscles, but when you stand blood just pools there.

Your stairs are even steeper than the ones in my house. Thanks, I feel better about my stairs now.

Good to see someone else behind on their holiday projects, too. I owe a thank you note to someone in Malaysia, and have been delaying the last couple of greeting cards.

Take care, have fun.