Wednesday, February 1, 2006

S.E.X. tour and big secrets

I wish I could write every day! And stitch. And draw. And work out or take a walk at least. And read. And watch a movie, or two. But no. My energy level is at an all-time low. My daily vitamins barely keep me alive. Tamara is more and more attached to me. Six months ago she would sit down with her books and toys and spend some time with them, while I was able to turn my back and put up my feet. Now she is always by my side and barely lets me eat, let alone take some time at the bathroom without her. Even while I sit on the toilet, I must sing a tune for her to show that I am still near. Even watching TV is something I am required for. She sits on my lap or holds my hand. Of course it feels good! It touches my heart every time. But that doesn't stop it from being exhausting.

Yesterday I took her to an LNS tour because I got nervous about service at the nearest shop. I want to stitch a tiny freebie, and I had to visit five different needlework shops to collect all the neccessary colours! This is ridiculous! Tamara fell asleep halfway to my favourite. I wish I could do this every day, but public transport is too expensive for us, not to mention floss! I buy my DMC thread for 170-185 HUF/skein. If I would order from the UK, it would be 130! And then, there was this sale in the USA, where they gave you 8 skeins for a dollar?! That would be about 25 HUF! Gosh, I knew I was supposed to be born in America!

Whatever. At least I had some workout. Can still feel it in my thighs. Not complaining, I really needed it. Tami was so cute when she woke up! We had some food at BK. She ate most of the baked potatoes and took a sip from my Sprite. It must have ran up here nose because she rubbed it an said "no" repeatedly. But she sat really nicely at the table, swinging her legs like a real child. That might sound strange, but I cannot help it, I dreamed so long about becoming a mother that now I can hardly believe it came true! Anyway, after her midday sleep she didn't want to get back into her pram, so we walked most of the way home.

Now, your honor and members of the jury, I really, really, really intended to buy only 7 skeins of floss and have no idea whatsoever, how come I brought home 15 instead. And a pack of stitchbows. Aaand three cross stitch magazines. Well, I guess I am guilty of having another unauthorised Stash Enhancement Xperience. Whatever! Hope DH will never find out. :P

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