Sunday, April 12, 2015

Short public announcement

I'm okay. I'm alive. I work 11 hour shifts three days a week. When I don't work, I obsess over crochet or tv shows. I found an extension for Chrome called Hola Better Internet, which makes it possible to watch Hulu or Netflix, which is blocked here in Hungary. Thanks to Hola, I can set my computer like I'm browsing from the U.S.A. and watch a ton of quality footage that was not available for me for what seems like ages.

Bottomline is this: I know I disappeared, I know some of you are worried for me. You can calm down now, I am okay. I very much appreciate your concern. I am still low on energy and self-esteem, even lower on money and time, but I am still on the path of self discovery and heading in the right direction. The goal may be far away, but every step taken makes me feel better.

I have a dozen drafts on this blog, waiting to be finished. I have so much to say. It's just not high enough in my list of priorities just yet. As soon as I get there, you will hear from me again.

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