Monday, January 19, 2015

One by one

I'm still trying to pick up the pieces of my life. 2014 had been a very strange year, both taxing and rewarding. It required a lot of compromises, took all the energy I had, but it made me grow in unprecedented measures and in unexpected directions.
I learned about myself that

  • yes, I want to do some form of crafting every day
  • I want that to be my job. It's my true calling
  • I'm not like everyone else around me and that is okay
  • I still suck at saying no
  • my aversion to conflict is at a very unhealthy level
  • I have great girl friends, and I even made a few new ones
  • television is still better than movies
  • I need working out more than I previously thought
  • I came across the definition of demigirl and realized I might be one
  • I came across the definition of demisexual and realized I am one
  • I feel less of a freak now that I know the thing I am has a name and is not a deviation but a variant
  • I need to improve my skills
  • I am still the opposite of confident but I am getting better at pretending 
  • I really hate fruit. Every fruit
  • it is theoretically possible to have a merry christmas
  • I am ISTP
  • I still suck at self motivating
  • I really love my customers at the needlework shop. All of them.
  • I need to use more tools the internet provides me. I got into Tumblr and Instagram and Craftsy, just learning the tricks of Ravelry right now
So here's hoping that 2015 will be less of a bumpy ride and will let me lie back for a minute every now and then!

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Barbi said...

Cheers to a less bumpy 2015!