Thursday, November 6, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

Did I ever tell you about my incredibly brief venture into modelling?

I was nineteen and obsessed with teen fashion magazines. Several times I read in interviews with famous singers and actresses that they started out as models because they were shy and thought modelling would help that. I was very shy, so I thought I'd give it a go. I did, and I never regretted it. I found an agency that would teach girls the essentials, then organized contests and hand pick the ones that would get a contract. They offered several training packages, and, incidentally, the ones who would pick the most expensive package would be the ones that got through to the next round. Fascinating coincidence, isn't it?

I'm not bitter, never was. I was taught how to apply make-up, what to do with my hair, how to walk in very high heels. That is knowledge I use to this day. I also learned what an incredible amount of work goes into a magazine cover shot. Never again did I have body image issues because of glamour shots. I knew how much those women have sacrificed to look the way they do. And after all the diet and religiously applied skincare products, they still had a thick layer of make-up, hair extensions, professional lighting and that was still not enough to get published without considerable amount of airbrushing. So in a way, it did boost my confidence.

It took only about two or three months from my life. I guess I could have pushed on, but I learned other things about myself as well. I have learned that two of the things I hate most is wearing make-up and being photographed. Anyone like that should not pursue a modelling career. I also learned that I don't like taking orders and that my spine won't bend. So when I was told that if I don't like the way a certain boss or photographer is treating me, if I wouldn't do absolutely anything they ask, there are two dozen girls just as pretty as me but twice as willing to comply to take my place. I remember thinking, good for them. And I felt a bit sorry for those who will be used in the fashion industry because they believed that speech and dared not say no.

But here are some photos of the contest (I loved the catwalk very much) and one my dad took at home. I cropped out the contestants to protect their privacy.

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