Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Getting Craftsy

Earlier this year I have signed up for a Craftsy account. Originally I just wanted to browse a bit. When you're as broke as I am, and I have been really broke for most of my life, so being frugal is second nature, you learn to pick up things whichever way you can. 

For example, if you can't afford buying elaborate crochet patterns, you download freebies, practise them and then look at advanced crochet on Pinterest e.g., and try to figure out how to use the little knowledge you have to make something amazing. It is hard and time consuming, but it is also a creative process I usually enjoy. And that is how I taught myself English, with a pocket dictionary and a huge dose of intuition. "Forgot, that sounds a lot like forget, could it be past tense? Yeah, definitely past tense."

This spring I got sort of fed up with always learning the hard way and I signed up for a few online courses on Craftsy. I was very sceptical, but I hit a block on the road of self improvement, and I rebelled. I wasn't gonna spend hours of digging on the net or asking for favours from people I don't particularly like. My first class was about joining crochet motifs and make a granny square blanket in the progress. I enjoyed it tremendously and learned way more than I thought I would. I honestly recommend it to anyone! 

As much as I love working on these panels, I have not finished the project. Not because of lack of enthusiasm, quite to the contrary. I got so involved with Craftsy and crochet that a number of other projects have hijacked my attention. I will elaborate on those during my verbose November. Hopefully.

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