Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cannot... finish... projects!

"Seriously, what is wrong with me? I was just revising my WIPocalypse projects and realised that I have three I could finish in mere days. Feasting Frenzy and the Permin butterfly kit are just a few backstitches away from being done, while Lady of the Thread needs only a few missing crosses. I thought with all these other projects and SALs going on it would be easier to let go of my finished pieces, but no! Honestly, I have no idea why I'm doing this."

I wrote the lines above...two and a half years ago. It seems like ages ago. I have finished all those projects but the issue still remains. Little Wings and Isabella's Garden are but a few hours away from being completed and I cannot seem to be able to bring myself to finish them. Why?

It's not like I would run out of things to stitch. I have over 30 projects in my WIP pile. Might be 40 or 50, I no longer keep count.

What is wrong with me? I have this unfightable urge to create, I love seeing the project go, when I am a week or two to go, all I ever think about, all I wanna do, is stitch. And then I reach a point where only the last touches need to be applied, and that is the point where I freeze. I can not touch it. I can't even bear looking at it. But why?

Several times I have tried to force myself. I sit down with the project on my usual spot. And I panic. I get nauseous, I can't breathe, my hands are shaking. I get physically ill. And it annoys me. I like thinking I'm rational. I'm logical. I'm an adult. I yearn for a finish. I want to wash and press them, I want to get them framed and show off to the world. But I am unable to.

Does anyone else get like this? Do you know why? Can I just not let go of my projects?


Shelly said...

Good questions. I get that way with making my finished items into something. I just have to let the urge wash over me. I'll wake up and think I'll finish a few things! Maybe it's too soon for you to get back to those WIPs. Do a new start. When I start stressing over WIPs, I stop because stitching is supposed to be fun. Tomorrow will come and maybe with it, a new feeling onward the WIPs. Don't be too hard on yourself. Words to live by!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I do get the same feelings, I think a lot of us do because actually the stitching journey is more important than the finished item. But I'm not quite as extreme as you! I do actually push on and complete the pieces.

Hubby was only sayng today that he cannot understand why I can't sell my finished pieces. He said if the OOP charts can be sold for so much money then why can't the stitched piece? I tried to explain that a stitcher would never ever buy a finished piece from someone else even if she knew she wouldn't have time to do it. I would feel such a fraud if I bought a stitched piece. Being gifted a piece is entirely different because it's made with love.