Thursday, January 2, 2014

Little ladies

My recent projects: the lovely pair of Lavender & Lace little girls, Emma and Isabella. I have started working on Emma's Garden ages ago, and I am still very nervous of touching it, as I dyed the fabric myself and I'm not a hundred percent sure I did a good job at it. Plus I am anxious in advance about the lace stitching at the bottom. Not like I can do anything about it, it's not like I even know what size 12 cotton looks like, so I cannot practice on a separate piece of fabric. Whatever, I will cross that stitch when I get there. ;-) Anyhow, I resumed working on it last week. It is done on 28 ct linen, 2 over 2. Isabella, however, is stitched on 32 ct marbled Zweigart linen, and she's done 1 over 2 to give her a more delicate look. I was a bit unsure about doing them in such different ways, but then I remembered that the designs are pretty different anyway. Isabella is a full body drawing while Emma is seen only from the waist up, so it's not like I could stitch them as a series like the Celtic ladies for example. I keep reminding myself that I should stop being such a perfectionist. I keep worrying what the end product will look like and beat myself up about every single x that doesn't look flawless. Fortunately I have learned to recognize when those moods are coming and I can remind myself to concentrate on the moment and just enjoy each coss as I stitch them. I will get there in the end.

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