Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The skirt keep growing

I am still very much under the spell of Nora Corbett, when I am not stitching Mirabilias, I am looking at others' progress pictures online or staring at my own charts, admiring my fabrics and planning conversions. So, same stitchy lunacy as usual. Most of the time I'm working on Villa Mirabilia, with the ever growing chequered skirt I love so much. I also decided to do her skin over one. These are my latest pictures below. This week I am working on Stargazer, I will post on that in a few days. 


Justine said...

Those are beautiful colours in the skirt. 1 over 1 sounds tricky!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice to see you stitching again. I read the post explaining why you'd been absent. Sorry you've been having a hard time just recently.

I love the flow of colours in Nora's fabrics so hopefully stitching this design will help you through the dark days (((hugs)))

Lyn said...

Very nice!

melissa wheeler said...

i love this pattern so much im starting it my self..I've had the pattern for a few years now.and decided to finally do it. my only problem is i don't like 32 count its way to small. so im doing it on 18 so its going to be huge.. im excited.
i love the colors in it and in most of there patterns.. that i don't like soiled color fabric's. i used to be apart of silk weavers fabric of the month club.( you have not herd of it check it out...... its worth it.. especially for some one that works on patterns all the time and wants to find the hand dyed fabric's for cheep..

keep us posted on you progress..