Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New beginning

I think you will be happy to hear that while I struggle to deliver finishes, I have absolutely no problems when it comes to starting new projects. :) Only last week I started on a Michael Powell kit. It comes with some cute buttons. This one is called Doves. The scan shows how far I have come with it in five days. It is beautiful, I love the colours and every stitch reminds me why I love Michael Powell. I guess when the crosses are done and the backstitching begins, I will remember why I also hate him. :)

Which reminds me, I have a brand new scanner/printer because the old one had more and more problems, and to fix it would have cost almost as much as buying a new one. And since when it rains it pours, my computer broke down earlier this summer too. I might have already mentioned it.  Anyway, it has been fixed, but ever since then we still have performance problems, and it is an old thing too, so now I am saving money for a new PC. Which is difficult, because the cross stitch supplies keep tempting me every day, in the shop and at home. Only recently I have discovered Stephanie's hand dyed fabrics, and already ordered the beauty below for my soon-to-be-started Rose of Sharon.

I have decided to make her dress purple, and the ribbon will probably be pink, so this fabric will most likely be great and as stunning as possible. I also bought some natural undyed linen for Venetian Opulence, but since I like to change things around and experiment, I have decided to stitch it in silk floss instead of plain old DMC. I haven't done my research on where to get supplies, or what kind of floss to use, but my mind is made up. I have enough time to buy silks because I am determined to finish several projects before I start Venetian Opulence. 
By the way, there was a most underwhelming response for my guess-the-HAED game, with zero entries, so I get to keep the items I was gonna give away. :) I guess I will just have to RAK someone in the near future.

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Annie said...

I love Michael Powell designs. But your are right.... the back stitching is critical to the look and a real pain to execute. Great progress on it though.

Gorgeous piece of fabric. That will make a beautiful backdrop for your stitching!