Saturday, March 10, 2012

March WIPocalypse report

I've done really nicely with my stitching. Again, I cannot show you the super secret project, you will have to take my word for it. I did stitch a lot on other projects too.

I did a bit of progress on my Victorian Elegance. She looks better every day, and I am absolutely in love with this design. She is no more than half done and already breathtaking. I cannot wait to finish the crosses and start with the ribbons on her hat.

I did some progress on Little Wings. I am slowing down on this project, not sure why. Maybe I'm just not ready to let it go soon. :) Recently I have only been doing minor parts, like filling in gaps on the dress, on the sleeve, hat, where there are only 2 or 3 stitches of the same colour, but I didn't do bigger blocks.

These are the four garden cards I am working. I did some of the stone pathways and the frames, but I lost interest fast and moved on to other projects.

This is my favourite project right now. It's Exquisite Kimono, a Dimensions leaflet. I absolutely love it, and I hate that I only have my cell phone to capture it, the colours are stunning and this picture is really not doing it justice. I love working on it. I was wondering why I didn't start working on it sooner. Then I looked at the project on the cover photo and realized it was because of all the bloody backstitching I will have to do at the end of it. I am having fun with it this far though.

I did a bit on this Marjolein Bastin design. Then I realized at one point that I miscounted during the gridding process, so I had to frog a lot. I got frustrated and put the birdhouse aside.

Yeah, not much progress here either. Lots of greys, rather dull to work on.

I did nicely on this bookmark though. I bet I could finish it in a day or two, but I realized in the progress that I am missing some colours.

This is my Rose and Lace from Dimensions Gold mini. Again, cell phone picture, I apologize for the bad quality. And when I say apologize, I mean to the designers who put his kit together so well.

The above two are parts of the Jeremiah Junction designs from I <3 Antiques. Minor progress but I like it.

That's it with the photos. I have also worked on the poppy themed Lanarte kit, but I cannot find it, so no progress picture now. See you next month!


Nic said...

Love your projects - you've got such a wide variety.

Barbi said...

It's beautiful! Such great progress.

Carolyn NC said...

Awesome stitching!

Sue said...

All your stitching is lovely. Love all the variety.

Jennifer M. said...

Great stitching progress. You certainly have a variety of projects you are working on. :)


Veronica said...

That's some beautiful stitching you've done. Victorian Elegance is just elegant and Little Wings is so pretty. Love how you have all these different projects in progress.