Wednesday, March 28, 2012

February flashback #1

I know we're past the most of March already, but some things that have happened in February must not go undocumented. One of these events is the huge amount of snow that had fallen that month. It is very important, as that was the first time there was enough snow for Tamara and I to build a snowman together. The last time we had this much snow she was so tiny she was merely observing how mommy is groaning while lifting the huge and surprisingly heavy globe of snow that would eventually become the snowman's head. :) This year, however, we did it together! Just the two of us! And we had tons of fun (and miraculously managed to avoid hernia).
She started with the miniature version that made me roll up my sleeves and join in.

Putting the final touches in place

We haid no coal or carrots, so I used some bread chips, much to the birds' delight.

One satisfied little girl

By next day, the snowman appeared to be kinda drunk

Two days later he was both wasted and snowed in.

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mdgtjulie said...

It's so fun to play in the snow. Lovely!!!