Monday, December 19, 2011

Golden Sunday

 We usually have the same glass fibre enhanced, colour changing plastic tree that comes with its own ornaments already wired to the branches. This year my girl wished to decorate a christmas tree for the first time, and I gladly obliged. The tree is still plastic of course, and the majority of the ornaments are purple and pink, as those are her favourite colours. We still need to buy some lights and the top ornament will be a huge, silver colour silk poinsettia. We had that for a month, and yes, she spotted that in a Tesco and begged granma to buy it for her. So the tree is really according to her taste this year! I can't wait 'till it's present opening time.

 After that we went skating. She has ice skating lessons once a week because her school specializes in PE training and sports, and all first graders learn ice skating. It was soooo brilliant! I hope to do this again very soon.

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