Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kinda gone, kinda back

I know I disappeared from blogging, but I'm all right. I have done a lot of things in the meantime. I have been stitching too. No finishes, just progress on various projects, including the super secret surprise project. No progress photos now because I don't have the brains to browse on my hard drive.

I spend less time watching telly and seeing more of it. How? I have a tivo now, all I have to do is program it to record all my favourite shows. Bones, Criminal Minds, all the things they tend to televise after 10 pm. Now I no longer have to stay up late in order to see something more interesting and intelligent than Big Brother CLXXVI, and if you cannot decipher that into Arabic numerals, you may have difficulty relating to my problems.
Thanks to this clever machine, I get to watch all my favourite shows in one swift go, fast forwarding through ad breaks and the boring bits. I have also become a fan of Doctor Who in the past weeks. I only started watching to find out what the big fuss about this show was. Now I know. It's brilliant.
Easter was here, and the big news is, my parents got two bunnies for my daughter. She always wanted pets, so she is very happy now, feeding and petting them all day. I am less happy because that is one more reason for her to stay at my parents and not want to move back to her real home. :( The bunnies are cute though and this is none of their fault.
I am still jobless and in a dire financial situation. I will have to put a bunch of my books, DVDs and cross stitch items on ebay to pay my bills. *sigh*  So much on that.
I bought three more plants, including a beautiful white-and-pink rhododendron. I had one about fifteen years ago, went on a holiday, and my mom killed it by the time I came back. Mom can only tend to hydroponic plants, everything else will be watered to death. I've seen desert flowers try to commit suicide in her home by pushing their pots over the edge of the window to put an end to their suffering. But now I have a new plant and I will do my best to keep it alive.
I also have a geranium. I can't stand the traditional geranium, I think they are boring. The kind I bought is called English Geranium here in Hungary, it has pointy leaves and strong citrus-like scent. I absolutely love it. The third pot is a simple daisy. We'll see how long they last.
I still play World of Warcraft, but not with the ferocity and dedication of the woman who thinks she isn't really good at anything else. I still pride myself at having a huge collection of in-game achievements. In fact, I am number one at that in my guild. I have to add that my guild is the best in the whole wide world and anyone disputing that is wrong.
I am reading books again. I started real slow but I felt my hunger for words return and grow page after page. I finished a bunch of books I abandoned years ago, re-read some of my favourite Agatha Christie novels, and started collecting some English langueage fiction. I bought and read Incarceron by Catherine Fisher, Night Watch by Terry Pratchett and now reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire. Next in line is Labyrinth by Kate Moss. Gawd I love fantasy.
I made some new snail mail friends. I am trying to answer every letter as soon as I read them or I will be procrastinating for months. I know myself. If after all you read here you are still interested in becoming my penpal, drop me an e-mail!
I find joy in playing on Polyvore again. Nothing special, I just enjoy creating again.
Last but not least, after a lengthy period of depression, that I spent trying to find this illness my way and keep failing at it, I decided to gather all my strength and despite my general dislike of psychiatrists I went to seek professional help. I was immediately prescribed some pills that made me nauseous, rickety and insomniac, but on the second try the doctor found the right medicine. I have been on this drug for two weeks and I am very pleased to announce that I have so far detected no side effect, but I experience positive changes every day. I find it easier to get out of bed in the mornings, spend more time outside and do more chores a day than I have in a week without treatment. No idea what will happen in the long run, but I am optimistic, although that may also be the pill's doing. Stay tuned.

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