Monday, April 11, 2011

Seven years ago

"Mom, please don't call me Luca!"
"Why? It's your middle name."
"Well, I don't like it!"
"What's the matter, honey? Does it mean something bad for you? Do I say Luca in a different tone than I say Tamara?"
"No, I just don't like it. I like Tamara. Call me Tamara every time you talk to me!"

"I thought you like Luca. Do you remember Queen Lucy from the movie The Lion, The Whitch And The Wardrobe?"
"Lucy is the English form of Luca."
"Yes. Did I ever tell you what your name means?"
"Luca comes from Lucia and it means born at the break of dawn. And you were born at the break of dawn."
"Really? When the sun came up?"
"Yes, honey."
"Did you see me come out of your belly?"
"No sweetie, I was in sleep. You had the cord through which you got your food in my womb twisted around your neck, so you couldn't come out of my belly by yourself. The doctors had to cut a little opening on my belly for you to come out."
"Did it hurt?"
"It did hurt a little but I didn't mind it because I had you."
"Did I cry?"
"You cried a little but calmed down quickly."
"When did you wake up?"
"Not long after you came out, the doctors sew the cut back together and I woke up. The sun just came up and covered the room in beautiful, honey coloured light. And then the nurse came in with the most beautiful baby in her arms."
"It was me, wasn't it?"
"Of course it was you."
"And then what happened?"
"I took you in my arm and said 'hello my darling daughter'."
"Did I smile at you?"
"No, you wrinkled your eyebrows like this, as if thinking 'who on Earth is this woman' and gave me a very suspicious look."
"And then what?"
"And then I opened my nightgown and put you on my breast, and you filled your tummy with milk for the first time."
"I had a good appetite."
"You always had, my dearest."
"And then what happened?"
"And then you fell asleep and the nurse wanted to take you to the baby room, but I insisted to stay with you. So she left and I held you in my arm for hours, just staring at your gorgeous face, thinking how lucky I am to have you. And I was the happiest mom in the whole wide world."
"And that was seven years ago."
"That was seven years ago. And I am still the happiest mom in the whole wide world. Because I have you."

Happy Birthday, Tamara Luca.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!

It is special to be 7 and I hope you have a great day and year!!!

nima said...

oh..that was too cute to read...Happy birthday dear little angel