Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A different view

I'm wondering if I should change the link in my signature line to because I love the new view feature of Blogger and I am not sure if users are generally aware of it. I love it though. I love switching back and forth between views depending on what I am looking for.
The sidebar view is good for some general browsing. It also improves speed, as it shows one post at a time and the sidebar gadgets of the traditional look that take a lot of time to load are hidden.
The flipcard view is best for image heavy bloggers. It can also be reorganized by date, label or author, thus giving an easier overview if you are looking for something specific.
The mosaic view is exactly what it's called, just a fun way of looking at a blog.
The snapshot view grabs all the pictures from the entires.
The timeline view is of course a chronological presentation of one's blog. It's fun to look at a blog like mine this way, because my blogging is so periodical; I write an entry or two a week, then I sign up for NaBloPoMo and post like I'm paid for it, and then I'm absent for a month to recover. :D
So, did you play around with the various views? Did you like it? Which one is your favourite? Make sure you share!


Bronny said...

I think I'd jump between sidebar and flipcard, but how do you change the view? You are right - I've not seen this feature before - thanks for sharing.

Jade said...

On the top right-hand corner, there should be the name of the view, and if you hover your cursor above it, it turns to a drop-down list where you can select another view.