Friday, March 18, 2011

UFOs dusted off

Sorry for the absence, I had to spend a longer-than-usual period at my parents because my dad was briefly in hospital and they needed my help. Then, after coming home, I just laid back feeling sorry for myself for having to carry and stack up 10 quintals of wood on my own. Until I remembered that my parents do it every few months.
Anyway, I took a look around my stash and found some abandoned projects I have decided to work on. I also did some motivational decorating, that is, I hung up a couple of my kits and charts on the wall to remind me what I wanted to stitch. Feasting Frenzy is almost ready, I just need to do the backstitch. I have two Dimensions Gold kits only an afternoon's work away from completion. The Permin butterfly is nearly done too. But somehow I am unable to do those. So I pulled Victorian Elegance from the pile. I was very disappointed with my starting stitches. I may gonna frog and re-do them in the end. I started working on it a few years ago, when I had less experience, and my stitches look too uneven to me. Right now I just wanna carry on and see how much floss I will have left at the end. 
The other project is Butterflies and Brambles by DMC. I just love this one, very easy on the eyes.

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Karan said...

Two beautiful projects - will enjoy watching them both develop. Have thoroughly enjoyed my catch-up visit... hopefully I will now stay caught up! LOL :0)