Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cat vs Printer - The Translation (BEWARE OF STRONG LANUGAGE)

This is a vid I came across months ago. I'm sharing it now because my printer acts like this. The wheels go round and round but won't pick up the paper, no matter how carefully I fill the tray. I have to feed every sheet one by one and even then it may not pull it in and say "paper jam" instead of the "no paper" and it is getting more and more annoying. I know, maintenance, but I cannot afford it. So I just feed the paper sheets to this monster, carefully, one at a time, and cursing like a cat in the progress.


Mammka said...

Írtam a magyar nyelvű blogodra is, ezt pedig angol tanulásnak megpróbálom,bár néhány hónapja kezdtem csak angolt tanulni.Németes vagyok.:)

Mammka said...

Nagyon vicces,bár neked nem lehet az,ha nem működik a nyomtatód.