Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Online friendships

Do you remember how few days ago I whined about how I can't believe in big things any more, and included friendship in my list? Well, I got some reminders about its existence. First of all, one day after I announced to my guild that I must quit WoW for financial reasons, one member contacted me and offered me a prepaid game card. Annamarie said she bought it for her sister, but she was never really interested in playing, so the card was not used and pretty much forgotten. She practically gave me 6 months of playing time for free! How awesome is she?
Then I was whining about the missing Anchor floss, and the next thing I know, Brigitte e-mails me to find out if I know the number for it yet, because she can send me some. I already found the shop that carries Anchor, as I mentioned by now, so I politely declined the offer, but still, I am very touched!
Finally, there was a discussion about the DMC price differences around the world on one of my Yahoo groups called Counted Cross Stitch, and a group of friends in the U.S.A. decided that since floss is so much cheaper in the States than in most other countries (for example, I pay about $1,2 for a skein when some U.S. stores carry DMC for 35 cents), they wanna occasionally send a bunch of floss to their foreign stitching friends just for the sake of being generous. That is amazing! Come on, are stitchers, and as it seems WoW players, the kindest people on the planet or what?

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GoldenAngelsWorks said...

That is great that so many have shown you such kindness. It makes your heart sing knowing that there are others like that around.

I wished I could have joined in the flossmum program on counted cross stitch. I just do not have the money to do it at this time.

I am willing however to send supplies when funds are available. So holler and I will see what I can do in the future.