Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Horseland is one of Tamara's favourite cartoons ever. Mainly because of the many horses in it. 

For me it was a bit more difficult to accept this franchise. First of all, I am not into this silly Barbie stuff. I go nuts when I see cartoons and toys that are trying to program kids into thinking within the boundaries of stereotypes that were outdated when I was a five year old. So when I saw these semi-anime horses with the irregularly long manes and tails, doubtlessly designed so that the plastic toys will have them, and they will come with a little brush attached (they do) because there is NOTHING a little girl loves more than brushing hair, I was annoyed. Oh, and all of their owners have their riding outfit's colour harmonizing with the horse, how trendy! 
Anyway, I was rolling my eyes first. I softened up a bit when I saw the stories. They are actually very well written. Every episode comes with an obligatory morale, but without being too much like a sermon. It is quite entertaining. I also like that the stories, and consequently, the lessons are contemporary, for example, how rude it is to always answer your cell phone regardless of where you are and who is in your company
I still prefer cartoons like Martha Speaks, but then again, so does my daughter. She may be a more pinkish glamour girl than I ever was, but when it comes to values, we are pretty much on the same side.
This horse is called Button

This is what Button looks like in the cartoon.
Is my girl amazing or amazing?
Besides, Horseland inspires my daughter's artistic vein. Look at these horse drawings, with the name written above it. By using Hungarian phonetic transcription. Still, very clever of a girl who never spent a day in school. Yet.
This is Calypso

This horse is called Scarlet.

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