Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Girls will be girls

I bought a whole bunch of toys for my baby for Christmas, but I thought that the real girlie thing to do would be to go shopping for clothes together, like girls do. I only had money for one item, but she was very understanding about it. She chose this pretty lavender ballet skirt in H&M and she's wearing it every day. Obviously, given the weather that is unusually cold even for winter, she can only wear it indoors, but she loves it and won't stop dancing in it. She even drew a picture of herself in this skirt. Please observe how much care she took to add sequins to her belt. Yep, she's my girl, and she's multi-talented.

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Anonymous said...

She did a great job drawing the picture of herself. The picture of her in her skirt is adorable. They just seem to grow up so fast.